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What to look for in a Bike Jersey

Posted on4 Year ago by 271
What to look for in a Bike Jersey

With the cycling industry going through an evolutional phase in the last few years bike jersey technology has hit new heights. The innovation of new moisture management and aerodynamic materials means that there are now more choices than ever before to suit every rider. 

Professional athlete Brad Kahlefeldt chooses the SCODY LEDA Optimise A.I.R jersey for the ultimate aero advantage 

Brad-Kahlefeldt-Triathlon-Cairns-Queensland-cycle jersey

Fit and function 

The fit is by far the most important factor when deciding on a bike jersey. If you are riding casually and just for fun then a more relaxed fit jersey will suit your needs much more than a tight and aerodynamic race fitted jersey that a rider looking to save every second possible would choose to wear. Think carefully about what type of riding you are doing and what your goals are from your riding. If you are a recreational road cyclist then you might want to consider a more form-fitting garment with rear pockets. If you are a downhill mountain biker then a less form-fitting jersey with no rear pockets might be more your style. For the road rider who races and is looking for the ultimate form-fitting jersey with minimal wind resistance, something like the SCODY A.I.R Optimise jersey would be an ideal fit for your racing needs. 

Breathability and moisture management 

Having a jersey that not only breathes well but also has good moisture management is not just important for hot conditions. In cold weather, it is a good idea to have a jersey which has good moisture management properties. This will help to ensure that when you sweat in cold conditions, upon stopping you don’t suddenly feel cold due to a jersey that isn’t able to wick moisture away from your skin. Breathability is also very important as it will mean that you will sweat less and feel much more comfortable while riding. A jersey that doesn’t breath well might also mean that you have to drink more due to an increased sweat loss and also lead to possible dehydration. 

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